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One of the biggest advantages living in Southeast Asia is the ability to have some of the most amazing travel destinations at your door step. Whether you want to take a month off to explore the beauty of Indonesia or Philippines, do an island hopping in Thailand, seek a weekend escape visiting ancient ruins of Angor Wat in Cambodia or fly over to Fiji or Cook Islands to have the most amazing honeymoon, or explore the beauty landscape of remoted countries like Australia and New Zealand - Southeast Asia and Pacific has so much to offer with only a few hours flight!

Experience a unique holiday with a personal touch of our travel planners. From creating a unique itinerary to assisting with booking the hotels and flights - just sit and enjoy the ride!

Family holidays

At times, it can seem like a daunting task to plan a family vacation where all family members are satisfied, and at such moments it’s more benefitial to entrust planning and organization to experienced specialists.

We advise on the best destinations for your family, recommend hotels and villas for family vacations, help providing interconnecting rooms, book the childcare and organize events for every taste. We will take into account every wish of your family to make sure that your whole family - babies, small children, teenagers and parents - have an unforgettable vacation.

Weekend Getaway

The trend is increasingly shifting from a long summer vacation to more frequent and short trips. This is not surprising as many of us try to balance busy schedule at work with daily responsibilities at home whilst keeping up with crazy rhythm of the big city. And from time to time you want to get away from everything, leaving all your worries behind and enjoying a few days away restoring your strengths!

To make the most of your vacation, we recommend planning a three- or four-day weekend with departure on Thursday evening or Saturday morning, returning on Monday, rather than on Sunday, to avoid traffic jams and spend more time with your family enjoying your trip.

Honeymoon trip

Like a wedding, honeymoon is a unique event for a couple, marking the start of living together in a new status. We love to learn everything about couple’s dreams to have a perfect honeymoon to ensure we bring a personalized touch to the planning of an unforgettable honeymoon trip.

Whether it is a holiday in the tropical islands of Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia or New Guinea, a romantic hike in the mountains, adventure safari in the desert of Australia, we will help you choose the best place for your honeymoon and work out all the details of a perfect holiday.

OneDay Consultancy is your personal consultant for planning and customizing unforgettable travels. We can remove the stress from organizing your trip - we are available before, during and after your trip so you can relax knowing that you have been taken care of. We will help you not only to arrange a flight, book a hotel or rent a car, but also help you decide what to do when you get there.

We know how to get the most out of your time and money. We travel the world to find unique places that we love, and we think that you will love as well. Our travel recommendations are based on our direct experience and global contacts that can help you create a unique experience. Since there are no two customers alike, the routes cannot be the same. You will be assigned to a personal travel consultant who will tailor your trip to your specific needs, whilst creating your own unique experience!

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Let us help you discover the new exciting destinations and help you organize every aspect of the trip!

Also, whilst traveling around the world, exploring hotels and restaurants with delicious cuisine, we strive to offer only the best to our customers. We write about our experiences in the OD Journal. Read about our travels, new trends and the most recent sights and events that have struck our imagination in Bangkok and around the world.

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