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Event Planning & Coordination in Southeast Asia

We turn your wish into a reality

Event planning industry is one of the most diverse industries that covers multiple business and social sectors, where success of an event comes with many aspects planned to perfection, creativity and organisation. We know how important the event can be: whether it's a social or a business-focused. Coming with over 5 years of experience in event planning, we can guarantee the best approach to planning, managing and execution of your event. Our team of experienced and passionate industry professionals will help design and execute each aspect of a your event while paying close attention to every detail of the planning:

  • Initial Concept & Creation
  • Planning & Budget Management
  • Destination & Venue Selection
  • Coordination & Suppliers Management
  • Decoration & Design
  • Activities & Theme ideas
  • Entertainment
  • Floral Design
  • Catering
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Sound & Light
  • Production

We create one of a kind events that are specifically designed for your unique style and needs. Planning a destination event can prove to be difficult and bring many challenges; having someone with a local expertise can make the process easy. Our experience will give you the peace of mind you deserve throughout the planning process. Whether you are looking to create a special event for your partners or a small-scale private event for your friends and family, at OneDay Consultancy we take it as our priority to provide you with the most unique experiences that you, your colleagues or your friends will cherish for a long time.

The first step in the creation of the unique event is to choose the perfect venue that your business, yourself and the guests will benefit from. Although we primarily focus on the Southeast Asia region (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam etc), we also have a strong international reach and have expanded our services to include Europe and Oceania. Our goal is to open new and exciting places for you and your event. Our team is here to help your event at any point of the planning process, so feel free to reach out and find out how we can help you.

Learn how we can help you or your business

Special Events

There are events in our life that we want to cherish forever. Wedding, engagement or a honeymoon can be those special moments that we want to keep in heart. And it requires a careful planning, coordination and attention to detail to make sure everything goes as planned. We provide a personalized expert touch to the special event you have in mind and turn your dreams into a reality! Whether you dream about stylish and elegant bachelor party or a city ceremony at the rooftop of one of the skyscrappers in Bangkok or Singapore; or you wish to have a small, simple, boho-chic style or rustic destination wedding or eloping in Chang Mai, Bali or Cambordia; exchange the vows at the shores of Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi; have the most amazing and unforgettable honeymoon at the remote islands of Fiji, Thailand and Philippines – Southeast Asia offers unique locations, incredible scenery, white-sand beaches, blue lagoon sea, stylish skyscrappers together with Asian hospitality to make your special event most memorable.

- Wedding celebration in Thailand;
- Eloping private ceremony;
- Engagement in Thailand;
- Honeymoon planning;
- Destination wedding in Thailand;
- Bachelor/Han party in Thailand;
- Baby shower celebration in Bangkok;

Corporate Events

We understand the importance of the corporate event and the value it brings to your team and partners. We combine high international service standards, local market knowledge and expertise together with a wide network of international and domestic partners to design your events that align with your brand positioning and corporate image. From developing a unique event concept to seamless execution, whether it’s a new product launch, partners training, teambuilding activity or theme corporate party, we  make it our priority to deliver your company’s event to the guests, exceeding their expectations and producing positive feedback.

- Company presentation for partners in Bangkok;
- New Product launch in Bangkok;
- Corporate party in Thailand;
- Agent/Partner retreat;
- Teambuilding in Thailand

Private/Social Events

"We create an atmosphere of magic and elegance to celebrate moments that are especially important for you and your family, which will be remembered for a lifetime. Thailand is a place with amazing dynamic and spirit, and regardless of what you are planning - a family dinner or a birthday party, you are guaranteed a warm and sunny weather, and we are here to help you find the best place for an event and plan everything to the smallest detail.

- Organization of parties in Bangkok;
- Birthday party celebration in Bangkok;
- Kids parties in Bangkok;
- New Year's party in Thailand;
- Christmas celebration in Thailand;
- Jubilee celebration;
- Family reunion dinner;
- Organization of a tour of the international schools in Bangkok"

Master Classes in Bangkok

If you are planning to hold an event at home or in the office, have a cocktail or theme party, and wish to bring an extra value and a surprise to your guests, why not have a private master class or a workshop run at your venue so that every your guest can take home a piece of their creation that will remember for a long time. We partner with the best vendors in Bangkok and can guarantee the most unique experiences:

- Cocktail mixing master class in Bangkok;
- Wine pairing master class;
- Creating terrariums master class in Bangkok;
- Culinary master class (thai cooking, fruit carving, desserts making);
- Flower arrangements workshop in Bangkok;
- Soap making in Bangkok;
- High tea session in Bangkok;
- Salsa dance master class in Bangkok;
- Ceramics pottery in Bangkok;
- Natural perfume making in Bangkok

Our recent events

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Our prices

  • Event concept development, 3-6 hours

  • Full service event planning

    on request