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What is a “concierge service” and what do the “lifestyle managers” do? - these are common questions that pop in the head when you hear about concierge service. Our answer is that “Lifestyle Management, or concierge service is here to organize and execute daily requests and errands in a social or business area. Anything at your request, as long as it is legal!” We aim to add the inherent value of having free time for people with busy schedules, an active lifestyle, working parents with kids and anyone who simply needs support during the period of adaptation to a new life in a new country.” We’re based im Bangkok and if you have recently moved to Thailand or are just planning to move here, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to have a comfortable life in an unfamiliar city and make the transition period smoother; If you are tired of juggling a huge amount of work at work and outside, we are ready to take part of your resposibilities and help turn your free time into something special creating a balance between work, leisure time, family and life so you can enjoy what really matters to you!

What we can do for you

Flat rental in Bangkok
House rental in Bangkok
Villa rental in Thailand
Buy a flat in Bangkok
Buy villa in Thailand
New condos in Bangkok
Car rental in Bangkok
Yacht rental in Thailand
Transfer in Bangkok
VIP-service at the airport in Bangkok
Cafe/Restaurants/Bars in Bangkok
Best offers in restaurants in Bangkok
Tickets to events/concerts/show/sport/festivals
Hotels, flights, transfers
Workshops, master class in Bangkok
Beauty salons in Bangkok
Best SPA treatments in Bangkok
Manicure and Pedicure in Bangkok
Massage in Bangkok
Fitness clubs in Bangkok
Personal Trainer in Bangkok
Yoga in Bangkok
Pilates-studios in Bangkok
Medical centres in Bangkok
Giving birth in Thailand
Aesthetic centres in Bangkok
Dentistry in Bangkok
Reabilitation centres in Bangkok
Housekeeping service in Bangkok
House cleaning service in Bangkok
Grocery delivery in Bangkok
Food delivery in Bangkok
Courier service in Bangkok
Flowers delivery in Bangkok
Laundry/Dry Cleaning in Bangkok
Scheduling appointments/Calendar management
VIP-service at the airport
Assistance with visas, passports, certified translations
Translation services
Arranging meetings and appointments
Executive|Administrative Assistant Tasks
Travel Research and planning travel itinerary
Special occasion reminders/Flower buying & Shipping
Coordinate and schedule conference calls
Booking flights
Booking hotels
Booking transfers
Personalised itineraries
Excursion tours in Bangkok
Personal shopper in Bangkok
Photosession in Thailand
Individual tour in Bangkok
Fishing trip in Thailand
Legal advice
Assistance with kindergarden/school/university/sport sections
Health insurance
Information desk service
Assistance with moving

How it works

What is a secret to a successful life in a new city or a country? Have you ever wondered how some people manage to succeed in everything? Have you ever thought what you could achieve should you have more free time? Did you ever feel overwhelmed missing precious time with the family or perhaps finding it hard to navigate in the big city, looking for the best restaurant for business meeting or a beauty salon that have an experience working with western clients? 

OneDay Consultancy and our lifestyle managers are here for you. You may choose a one time service and sign up for a monthly membership with different set of required hours. Once the member, we will discuss and select the providers that best answer your specific needs. We then contact those providers and book them for you. Should you have any other inquiries our lifestyle managers are here at your service.

All payments are made directly to the provider.

Choose your membership

  • One time service – pay as you go (2 hours minimum)

    THB500 THB/hour
  • One time service – pay as you go BUSINESS (3 hours minimum)

    THB1200 THB/hour
  • “I need a little” package (8 hours of personal assistance a month)

    THB4960 THB
  • “I need a lot” package (16 hours of personal assistance a month)

    THB9930 THB
  • “Double it” package (32 hours of personal assistance a month)

    THB19860 THB
  • Virtual assistant BUSINESS (10 hours or personal assistance a month)

    THB11560 THB

We partner only with the best service providers in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand, where we have tried, tested and met every single one of our providers so that only the best services can be provided. With the assistance from your Personal Lifestyle manager we will take you to the best places in the city where you would want to come back again and again. We will help you discover everything from cosmetic procedures, hotels, spa services, assistance in real estate, the selection of educational institutions and legal advice. We aim to enhance your lifestyle and save you time by performing, advising and arranging a multitude of lifestyle needs for a comfortable life in Bangkok, the capital of the land of smiles.

What are the benefits

  • Free up your time to have more energy and space to live the life you want to live!
  • Choose from flexible packages and rates to fit every budget;
  • Enjoy a personalized approach to every your need;
  • Improve your daily productivity and focus.
  • Dare to dream big and live the life to the fullest!
  • Ability to choose from range of services provided;
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and attention to detail.
  • Dedicate your energy and time to something that truly matters;
  • Get a greater value from planning a unique event;
  • Reduce guilt, anxiety, and stress from not being able to take care of everything at once;
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI) whether it's for personal needs or work needs: focus your energy on what brings value to your company or to your life and remove activities that only take up your time.
  • Pursue your dreams and passions planning your next trip!

Establishing your needs, providing the solutions