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About us

We are a Bangkok-based, travel, lifestyle and event management business dedicated to helping people and businesses thrive, live better and experience unique moments in various aspects of life by providing an inspiring collection of bespoke services in travel concierge, personal assistance, education counseling, event planning and lifestyle management. We offer the absolute finest in leisure and business services that are individually customized to suit each client's needs, situation, values, and lifestyle goals.

Our services are multilingual, we speak English, Russian and Spanish.

Our mission

Are you looking to create a special event for your partners, a small scale private event for your friends and family, want to plan an unforgettable honeymoon or just looking to escape the city for a few days? We can help you achieve it. We take it our priority to provide you with the most unique experiences whether it’s an event or travel, that you, your colleagues or your friends will cherish for a long time. Are you thinking to create a teambuilding or an incentive event for your partners or colleagues, a small private event for family and friends, want to plan an unforgettable honeymoon or just wish to escape the city for a few days? We can help you achieve this. We take it our priority to provide you with the most unique experiences, whether it’s an event or a journey that you, your colleagues or your friends will cherish for a long time.

Do you travel a lot for work? Entrust the coordination of your logistics to a personal assistant, we will make sure to reserve the best options and consider every details to make your trip smooth and relaxed.

Sometimes we wish we had more hours in a day to finish what we started or simply just have time to enjoy the moment in a busy work schedule. Do you want your ‘to-do’ list to become a ‘done’ list? Our goal is to improve the quality of your time, fill life with bright moments, provide specialist advice, take off your plate some of the daily duties to allow you create and maintain a balance between work, leisure and family. We partner with the best service providers in Bangkok. Everything you need from beauty treatments, hotels, spas to the delivery of flowers and groceries, real estate assistance, educational counselling and legal advice.

Our mission is to help you organize and simplify your life so that you can devote your energy, time and passion to the things that matter to you the most!

Our values

Doing business with soul and personal touch. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality services and look for new ways to surprise and delight our customers. Happy clients are equally positive results, and the results are what inspires and motivates us to constantly improve our service. We believe in the magic of personal touch - we pay special attention and care to every detail, task or project.

We believe in our vision and strive to maintain an excellent level of service and consistently high standards of our work.
We aim to do our best, no matter what.
We love what we do.
We are responsible for fulfilling our promises and commitments.
Loyalty to our customers is absolute.
We plan everything to the smallest detail. Because it’s the small details that matter.

Our story

When you're moving to a new country, or looking for ways to adapt to the new circumstances,  searching a school for your child, planning an important work event or just wishing to discover new unique travel destinations – as exciting as this all can be, it can also add the unnecessary stress and make you feel overwhelmed without further progress.  Life, and the world as we know it, has become increasingly complex and fast changing in the 24/7 world of modern technology. People are looking for services and solutions to be more efficient and productive balancing work and social life; companies seek innovative ways to stand out from the competition and bring true value and positive experience for their customers.  How can get it all done when we have a finite amount of time and energy?

A concierge, personal assistant or event planner are the secret weapon of people achieving a successful work-life integration, of being able to do it all, while enjoying their life and making it look easy.

​Combining business with creativity, passion for travel and desire to help people thrive in life, the OneDay Consultancy was created.

Our promise

Our services are impeccably designed and uniquely crafted and tailored specifically for each client—all within the context of the client's criteria, values, experiences, preferences, priorities, situation, needs, and goals. What is our secret? We listen. To understand who you are. Who you want to be. And who (and what) matters most to you. We offer flexible options and packages to find a solution for your goals: whether you need an assistant, an event planner or you need to plan a trip, you can use our services as a one time service, for a few hours per month, or for longer periods. ​

Start with a free consultation to find out how we can be of use for you and your business!

Olga Few 

Event Planner,
Education adviser,
Lifestyle manager & Founder

OneDay Consultancy

“Back in 2006 i started my journey in international education sector with a desire to be a part of an international environment, open my mind, explore different cultures, travel the world and meet new people. I had been extremely lucky to work and being mentored by some iconic leaders, working with the leading educational institutions in the world, attending numerous conferences in different corners of the globe, meeting people with different backgrounds and aspirations from around the world. 
I discovered my passion for events in 2014 when working for a start up company trying to build a name in the region i needed to think outside the box and plan an event for our key partners that would differ from anything like that in the industry. It was an absolute success for the partners and so much joy and pride for me! Since then i was at front line for creating any activity whether it was a social or a corporate.  
​2016 was the year that completely re-shaped my career path. That year i married a wonderful man, my best friend and my soulmate, we had a beautiful destination wedding in Croatia and planning my own wedding was an incredible experience that shortly after followed by my first official training and certification in Wedding planning and further planning of several friends' weddings and events. Same year we moved to Thailand leaving job, friends, family, old life behind to start our new chapter in Bangkok. It felt like an exciting but also a challenging thing to do. Adapting to a new culture, new climate, new life was not easy but it also inspired me to continue my journey in event management and launch the lifestyle consultancy to help other people with similar experience relocating to a new country to help them adapt faster and make them feel home in the new country.  
As a problem solver and nurturer at heart, this business gave me the ideal platform to share my knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned from over 10 years of formal training, trial by fire, and from overcoming obstacles, challenges, and adversity in my own life.  What motivates me today is that I get to pass this blessing on to the people I meet and projects I work on. 
​Yours faithfully,